The Principal Characters
Of The Saga Of Baeoinfaermn

     Baeoinfaermn (ba’ win farmn)
Also known as The Wind What Canst Sleep, Baeoinfaermn dwelt in, but was not a native of, the North Lands. His origin is unknown, but his deeds and knowledge of the arts was known widely.
     Nordo (nor’ do)
Nordo was an alchemist who, like Baeoinfaermn, dwelt in, but was not a native of, the North Lands. He authored the Tales Of The Golden Comet And Sundry Winds Of King Nordo, a treatise on the arts. Conjecture has it that Nordo and Baeoinfaermn were one and the same person owing to the fact that they both had such an extensive knowledge of the arts. Scholars have linked the name Nordo with the Ædioln word for 'restless ether', which would correspond to the title often associated with Baeoinfaermn.
     Lunn (lun)
The inhabitants of the North Lands. This race was an agrarian one, and is often associated with the elfin race of the Norse mythology.
     Greunweiln (grroon’ vin)
Also known as The Balance In Space, Greunweiln was the king of Æberaun and the lands of the Mardots. He was a greedy and cruel monarch much feared and despised throughout the realms of the nether world.
     Maelnru (maln’ ru)
The father of Greunweiln.
     Tzimar (zim ar’)
Greunweiln's court magician. Although it does not appear in the tales collected in this volume, certain other tales speak of Tzimar as having served Maelnru also, giving forth speculation that he was ageless and well versed in the magical arts.
     Mardots (mar’ dok)
The inhabitants of Æberaun and her realms. This was a race knowledgeable in geometry. It was also a race of warriors.
     Ckowlyn (cow lin’)
The magical staff possessed by Tzimar.
     Hathuurn (ha’ thern)
Also known as The Sword Of Illusion, Hathuurn was king of the Jinds. In the Lunnadic cycles he is often treated as a powerful, but just, ruler.
     Ragnar (rag’ nar)
Hathuurn's warlord.
     Juye (juthe)
Also known as The Wrath Beyond Regret, Juye was a magician, himself conjured out of nothingness by the master illusionist Urail. Of all the Jinds, Juye was considered the greatest spellweaver, able to transmute into any shape at will.
     Jinds (jinnz)
The inhabitants of the Jindsmarn, a race of peoples versed in the art of the casting of illusions, thought to be the ancestors of the Tuatha De Danann.
     Geoffi-tur (sho fe ter’)
The father of Hathuurn.
     Athoeter (ath o e’ ter)
A mythical personage from which Nordo is told of having received his wisdom of the arts of alchemy. She was the embodiment of the ether.
     Nadirophe (na deer’ o fa )
Also known as The Dreambringer, Nadirophe was a dream weaver, from the realm of Mattgunne.
     The Bird With No Name
Also known as the Creature From Out Of The Air, the Bird Of Lore, the Creature From The Dark Side, and/or The Golden Comet, this creature is believed to be a pseudonymous reference to the alchemical process of transmutation. It appears only in the tale, Of Nordo. In the context of that tale it is treated as a thing of change (hence the reference to transmutation).