Kitchen Implements

Cutter or Chopper    Exhibit 1

     This kitchen utensil was used at a time when sharp knives, such as the modern-day steak or carving knives, were not yet invented. The cutter did all of the major jobs that required cutting, chopping and slicing, whether for meats or vegetables. The sharp cutting edge would be directed downward through the foodstuff, and if necessary, the tool would be rocked back and forth through the foodstuff, which is why most of the cutting edges are semi-circular. The cutter was often used in a large wooden bowl, as evidenced by cut marks on the insides of many wooden bowls.
     The cutter exhibited here was made from wrought iron / steel and dates to the 1700s. The wooden handle may or may not be original; it appears to be at least dated to the 1800s. The end of the metal "neck" was pushed through a hole in the wooden handle, and then pounded over to lock the handle in place.