The seventh process of Cibation consists of the nourishing of the new entity.

   Cibation encompasses the addition of more art elements, as in the previous step, to the prepared canvas, but it is more than a mere continuation. At this point the work in progress must be critiqued.

   The choice of the art elements and media by which the work is nourished needs to be controlled in order that the original desire remains intact. Elements added indiscriminately may result in failure. The artist must be fully conscious of the fact that each and every addition will affect the total and therefore needs to be chosen with discretion.

   The artist by this point will have certain design elements in a compositional arrangement on the supporting surface of the prepared canvas. He must now decide what elements he should add to the work which will have a positive effect on the whole.

   A measure of experimentation is necessary to come to the right decisions on what should be added.

   All the while the artist needs to take time to pause and contemplate what exists on the work; only through critique as an ongoing process can the artist come to terms with the developing work and make advantageous decisions on what needs to be added to it.