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Please note: Bernard R. Smith died at 4:30am on the morning of 14 May, 2001. Dollie E. Smith died at 10:30am on the morning of 19 March, 2011. This webpage will be continued for the use of the family.

   I'd like to tell you a little about our family.

   I (Bernard) was born on June 25, 1919 at Smith Corner in Blair County, Pennsylvania, to Eldon and Jennie Smith.

   On June 18, 1944, I married the prettiest woman in the region, Dollie (Nofsker). She was a daughter of Cleveland and Bertha Nofsker.

   The two of us raised a family of one girl and two boys: Carol, Leon and Larry.

   Dollie and I have been blessed with two wonderful granddaughters: Kim and Amanda. Kim (the daughter of Carol and her husband, Roger Trautman) is married to Richard Johnson, Jr and they have a son, Richard, and a daughter, Brittany. Amanda (the daughter of Leon and his wife, Linda) is just at the age that she is starting to think about boys.

   Note: My how time flies ~ From the time that my dad had this page set up till now (2009), Amanda has grown up, married, and has a two year-old son of her own (Trevor).



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