George Washington:

     A Memorial On The Eve Of
     The 200th Anniversary Of His Death


   The date of 14 December, 1999 marks the 200th anniversary of the death of George Washington, the Father Of Our Country.

   If a Virginian named George Washington had not come onto the national scene in the mid-1700s, would the British colonies have won their independence from Great Britain? Probably, because it was not just one man who effected the outcome of the struggle for independence. If a "southern plantation owner" named George Washington had not agreed to serve this country in the capacity of its first president, would the concept of the United States Of America simply have dissolved and disappeared? Probably not, because that concept had not sprung from the mind of only one man. In all probability, if the course of events had flowed differently in the Eighteenth Century, and the tide of circumstance had not brought the man named George Washington to the forefront of the public attention, the colonies would still have fought for, and won, their independence from Great Britain and would still have developed their own concept of government. What the man named George Washington contributed to the course of events were values such as national pride, uniformity of purpose, respect and dignity. He was the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

   In his honor, the following articles were produced and published in the chapter newsletter of the Blair County Chapter, PASSAR throughout 1999. They were intended to reveal certain aspects of Mr. Washington which are not widely known ~ certain things about the personal and human side of the man whom we venerate as our nation's first Commander~in~Chief.

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