Mother Bedford's
     Virus Alert Page

   A couple years ago my computer was infected by the Badtrans.B virus. It was the first time that my computer was infected by any virus. From whom I received the virus I do not know, nor is it important now. What is important is that I had not kept my antirvirus software up to date. I had been getting on the Internet since about 1995, and have had this Mother Bedford website up since the spring of 1999, and never got infected by a virus. So I guess I fell into a false sense of security, and left the antivirus software I had been using pass out of date.

   Getting infected by the Badtrans.B virus woke me up again. Aside from my own problems with the virus, it bothered me that the virus had used my computer to spread to the people listed in my address book. One of those people kindly referred me to the AVG website. I was very impressed by the company and promptly purchased a copy of their program.

   I would suggest, if you have never used an anti-virus program on your computer, that you should begin right now. The AVG Technologies company provides a free version of their anti-virus software. You can download a free copy of the software at: