{As interpreted by Larry D. Smith in 1977}

    Human WILL illuminated by KNOWLEDGE and manifested by ACTION creates REALIZATION of a power that it can use rightly or wrongly, according to its good or evil INSPIRATION, in the circle described for it by the laws of universal order.

     After having overcome the ORDEAL, which is imposed on it by divine Wisdom, it enters, after its VICTORY, into possession of the work it has created and, retaining its EQUILIBRIUM on the axis of PRUDENCE, it dominates the fluctuation of FORTUNE. Man's STRENGTH, sanctified by SACRIFICE, which is the voluntary offering of himself on the altar of dedication and expiation, triumphs over Death; and his divine TRANSFORMATION raising him above and beyond the tomb into the tranquil regions of an infinate progress, opposes the reality of an immortal INITIATIVE to the eternal falsehood of FATALITY.

     The course of Time is measured by its ruins; but, beyond each RUIN, we see the reappearance of the dawn of HOPE or the TWILIGHT OF DISAPPOINTMENTS. Man aspires ceaselessly to whatever is beyond him, and the sun of HAPPINESS rises for him only behind the tomb, after the RENEWAL of his being by the death that opens for him a higher sphere of will, intelligence and action.

     All will that lets itself be governed by bodily instinct is an abdication of liberty and condemns itself to the EXPIATION of its error or its mistake. On the other hand, all will that unites itself to God in order to demonstrate Truth and operate Justice enters, after this life, into participation with the Omnipotence over beings and things,the eternal REWARD of enfranchised spirits.