The websites listed below are a few of the ones I have found which exemplify Scottish lore. This is certainly not a complete list of websites that pertain to Scottish history and culture. Interested visitors should utilize the search engines and/or webrings to access more links.

   A Guide to Scottish Tartans ~ A website that includes definitions of terms used in the description of tartans. [I extend thanks to Payton Palmer for suggesting this link.]

   CELT - Corpus of Electronic Texts ~ A website that includes transcripts of ancient documents detailing the history and genealogies of the British Isles ~ THE SOURCE for original documents.

   Clan Chattan Web Site ~ I am a descendant of Shaw Mac~An~Toisich, of Clan Chattan. This is the Clan Chattan home site.

   Clan McIntosh Web Site ~ I am a descendant of Shaw Mac~An~Toisich, the progenitor of Clan McIntosh. This is the McIntosh clan's home site.

   Gaelic Dictionaries Online ~ A great resource for anyone who needs to translate Gaelic words and phrases ~ Includes links to a variety of websites where Gaelic can be translated.

   The Gathering Of The Clans ~ This site is a great site to find information on the various clans of Scotland and Ireland.

   Scots Kings ~ Whew! Hugh McGough's pages on the kings of Scotland and Ireland on the Welcome To McGough Miscellanea website is so full of information on the lineages of the Scots Kings ~ Includes so many more links to sites pertaining to the study of the lineages of the Scots Kings.

   Scottish Radiance ~ A website laid out in the format of a monthly journal in which a variety of topics are discussed.

   Welcome To McGough Miscellanea ~ Whether or not you are a member of the McGough clan, this site has great information pertaining to things Scottish and Irish.