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         The battle between Captain John Paul Jones' Bonhomme Richard and Captain Richard Pearson's HMS Serapis off Flamborough Head took place during the evening hours of 23 September 1779. Beginning a little before 5:00pm, the two ships engaged in close contact fighting until 10:30 that night when Pearson called for quarter. Despite his victory, Captain Jones was forced to abandon the Bonhomme Richard because of its damage. By 11:00am on the 25th, it sank beneath the wave, but not before Jones had transferred his crew to the capture Serapis.

"The Action Between His Majesties Ship Serapis, Commanded by Capt Pearson
& the Bonhomme Richard Commanded by Paul Jones, Sept. 23, 1779"
by William Elliott
US Naval Academy Museum, Annapolis, MD

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