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That is the correct answer.

     The parts of the Continental Line started at the top with the Department based on geographic divisions. There were seven Departments.
The Eastern Department consisted of Massachusetts (which included the region now encompassed by the state of Maine), New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island.

The Northern Department consisted of New York and the disputed territory that became the state of Vermont.

The Middle Department was comprised of Pennsylvania from the Allegheny Mountain eastward, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland from the Allegheny Mountain eastward.

A small square area within the Middle Department, encompassing the Hudson Highlands was established as the Highlands Department.

The Southern Department included Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. It included the western extents of those provinces stretching westward to the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers.

The Western Department consisted of the Ohio Territory lying between the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and the great lakes. The Western Department extended eastward to the Allegheny Mountain.

The Canadian Department consisted primarily of Quebec.

     Next below the Department, the Division consisted of two to four Brigades. A Brigade consisted of between three and five Regiments, most often from the same province or state. The Regiment was comprised of roughly 728 men in eight Companies of eighty-six privates and four officers (Captain, 1st Lieutenant, 2nd Lieutenant and Ensign). Each Regiment had eight men who comprised the regiment staff.

     That was the ideal situation. In reality, not all of the companies achieved a full compliment of soldiers.

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