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     The Boston Tea Party, which occurred on 16 December 1773, during which Patriots disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded the ship, Dartmouth, and dumped all 342 chests of tea overboard, is the most famous of them all. But there were also incidents in response to the tea tax at New York City; Annapolis, Maryland; Greenwich, New Jersey; and Charleston, South Carolina. The incident at New York City took place on 22 April 1774, when Patriots there also disguised themselves as Indians and dumped a ship's cargo of tea into the harbor. At Annapolis, the cargo of the ship, Peggy Stewart was destroyed along with the ship when she was set afire on 19 October 1774. A shipment of tea, which had been unloaded at the port of Greenwich, was burned on 22 December 1774. Altough not as dramatic as the other incidents, the cargo of tea which had arrived at Charleston on 02 December 1773 was unloaded and put into storage in a warehouse; it was eventually auctioned by the provincial government in July 1776 in order to raise funds.

"Boston Tea Party" by Nathaniel Currier
Library of Congress, Washington, DC

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