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Johann Heinrich Ickes

  Johann Heinrich Ickes was born on 23 August 1742 in York County, Pennsylvania. On 27 December 1763 he married Magdalena Stambaugh. Magdalena was born in the year 1747 to Johann Jacob and Margaretha Stambaugh. The couple took up residence in the town of Hanover, in York County, Pennsylvania, where they gave birth to four children between 1764 and 1773. Magdalena died in childbirth with her fourth child.

  After the death of his first wife, Magdalena in 1775, Johann Heinrich married her younger sister, Maria Elisabeth. Maria Elisabeth was born in 1750. This second marriage resulted in nine children between 1775 and 1785.

  Johann Heinrich Ickes made a living as a farmer.

  Under the name of John Ickes, Johann Heinrich’s name was recorded on the roster for Captain Abraham Furrey’s Company, the 2nd Company, 7th Battalion of the York County Militia in 1781. He continued to serve after the American Revolutionary War ended; his name (and rank of Lieutenant) was included on a roster for Captain Adam Hupard’s Company, 7th Battalion of the York County Militia in 1784.

  After the War, Johann Heinrich Ickes moved his family to Bedford County, taking up residence in what was then Woodberry Township, but is today King Township. They came to establish a farmstead in the vicinity of Osterburg in what was then Woodberry Township.

  Johann Heinrich Ickes died on 19 January 1829 and was buried in the Union Cemetery at Osterburg.