Virginia Banishing Tea

   This song was published in 1774, supposedly by a lady in Virginia. It expressed the sentiments of Massachusett's sister colonies following the Boston Tea Party and subsequent restrictive Acts imposed by the British Parliament.

Begone pernicious, baneful tea, With all Pandora's ills possessed,
Hyson, no more beguiled by thee My noble sons shall be oppressed.
To Britain fly, where gold enslaves, And venal men their birth-right sell;
Tell North and his bribed clan of knaves, Their bloody acts were made in hell.
In Henry's reign those acts began, Which sacred rules of justice broke
North now pursues the hellish plan, To fix on us his slavish yoke.
But we oppose, and will be free, This great good cause we will defend;
Nor bribe, nor Gage, nor North's decree, Shall make us "at his feet to bend."
From Anglia's ancient sons we came; Those heroes who for freedom fought;
In freedom's cause we'll march; their fame, By their example greatly taught.
Our king we love, but North we hate, Nor will to him submission own;
If death's our doom, we'll brave our fate, But pay allegiance to the throne.
Then rouse, my sons! from slavery free Your suffering homes; from God's high wrath;
Gird on your steel; give liberty, To all who follow in our path.