Unhappy Times Of Late

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   This song was a Loyalist, or Tory, song. It appeared in the 06 June 1782 issue of the Brooklyne Hall Super-Extra Gazette with instructions to be set to the tune of "Babes of the Wood, or Chevy Chace".

   The song's submitter included the following to the publisher: "The Songs that generally appear in the New York papers are in too high a stile for our conception, and with the tunes we are not acquainted; therefore, accept from a Loyal Society, among us, composed for our amusement".

Unhappy times of late we've seen, Unhappy days indeed,
For such the rueful hours have been, Did make our hearts to bleed.
Rebellion did with all its force, Pour down upon our heads,
The stream took such a rapid course, It drove us from our beds.
But now those times are blowing o'er, And we with heart and voice,
That such disasters be no more, With one accord rejoice.
For glorious news, surround our King, And England's noble cause,
So all true souls and faithful men, Will shout with one applause.
For now with safety we may keep, Our hard begotten store,
For in security we sleep, And bury gold no more.
No more our flocks and herds will stray, Our Nymphs and Swains shall sing,
And ever bless the welcome day, That binds us to our King.


   Note: The midi file that is linked to this page was sequenced by Lesley Nelson-Burns, and included on her website, located at: http://www.contemplator.com