To The Traitor Arnold

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   This song was published in the 24 October 1780 issue of the Pennsylvania Packet.

   The verses were set to the tune of Banks Of The Dee.

Arnold, thy name, as heretofore, Shall now be Benedict no more;
Since, instigated by the Devil, Thy ways are turn'd from Good to Evil.
'Tis fit we brand thee with a Name, To suit thy Infamy and Shame;
And since of Treason thou'rt convicted, Thy Name should now be maledicted.
Unless by Way of Contradiction, We stile thee Britain's Benediction;
Such Blessings she, with libíral hand, Confers on this devoted Land.
For instance, let us only mention, Some Proofs of her benign Intention;
The Slaves she sent us o'er the Deep, She bribes to cut our Throats in Sleep.
To take our Lives and Scalps away, The savage Indians keeps in Pay,
And Tories, worse by half than they. Then in this Class of Britain's Heroes,
The Tories, savage Indians, Negroes, Recorded Arnold's Name shall stand,
While Freedom's Blessings crown our land. And odious for the blackest Crimes, Arnold shall stink to latest Times.


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