A Song ~ 1776

   This song appeared in the Connecticut Gazette in 1776.

Smile, Massachusetts, smile, Thy virtue still outbraves
The frowns of Britain's isle, And rage of home-born slaves.
Thy free-born sons disdain their ease, When purchased by their liberties.
Thy genius, once the pride Of Britain's ancient isle,
Brought o'er the raging tide By our forefather's toil;
In spite of North's despotic power, Shines glorious on this western shore.
In Hancock's generous mind Awakes the noble strife,
Which so conspicuous shined, In gallant Sydney's life;
While in its cause the hero bled, Immortal honors crown'd his head.
Let zeal your breasts inspire; Let wisdom guide your plans;
'Tis not your cause entire, On doubtful conflict hangs;
The fate of this vast continent, And unborn millions share th' event.
To close the gloomy scenes Of this alarming day,
A happy union reigns Through wide America.
While awful wisdom hourly waits, To adorn the councils of her states.
Brave Washington arrives, Arrayed in warlike fame,
While in his soul revives Great Marlboro's martial flame,
To lead your conquering armies on To lasting glory and renown.
To aid the glorious cause, Experienc'd Lee has come,
Renown'd in foreign wars, A patriot at home.
While valiant Putnam's warlike deeds, Amongst the foe a terror spreads.
Let Britons proudly boast, "That their two thousand braves,
Can drive our numerous host, And make us all their slaves;"
While twice six thousand quake with fear, Nor dare without their lines appear.
Kind Heaven has deign'd to own Our bold resistance just,
Since murderous Gage began The bloody carnage first.
Near ten to one has been their cost, For each American we've lost.
Stand firm in your defence, Like Sons of Freedom fight,
Your haughty foes convince, That you'll maintain your right.
Defiance bid to tyrants' frown, And glory will your valor crown.