Follow Washington

   This song appears only in the collection of songs, consisting of "New music and edited text", by Oscar Brand. Mr. Brand provides no additional information regarding the source or history of this song, although he did include it on a cd of 'campaign songs' of the presidents, assigning it to George Washington. In view of the fact that George Washington did not campaign to become president of the United States of America, it is very doubtful that he employed this song as a 'campaign song.'

   Because of the fact that no other source references these verses, it should be noted that tey may or may not have been contemporary with the American Revolutionbary War, and are included here simply on the possibility that they actually do represent a cong from that period.

   The text of the verses is copyright 1957 by Oscar Brand.

The day is broke, my boys, march on, And follow, follow Washington, 'Tis he that leads the way, my boys, 'Tis he that leads the way.
Where he commands we shall obey, Through rain and snow, by night and day, Determined to be free, my boys, Determined to be free.
Till Freedom reigns our happy bands, Will fight like true Americans, Until our cause prevails, my boys, Until our cause prevails.
With heart and hand, and God our trust, We'll freely fight, our cause is just, March on, my boys, my boys, march on, And follow Washington.