Dutch Song

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   The following lines were printed in the Pennsylvania Packet in 1779, presumably by a "Dutch lady at the Hague, for the sailors of the five American vessels at Amsterdam."

   It was set to the tune of God Save The King.

God save the Thirteen States! Long rule th’ United States! God save our States!
Make us victorious, Happy and glorious; No tyrants over us; God save our States!
Oft did America Foresee with sad dismay, Her slav'ry near.
Oft did her grievance state, But Britain, falsely great, Urging her desp'rate fate, Turn’d a deaf ear.
Now the proud British foe We’ve made, by vict’ries, know, Our sacred right.
Witness at Bunker’s Hill, Where godlike Warren fell, Haooy his blood to spill, In gallant fight.
To our famed Washington, Brave Stark at Bennington, Glory is due.
Peace to Montgomery's shade, Who as he fought and bled, Drew honors round his head, Num'rous as true.
Look to Sar'toga's plain, Our captures on the main, Moultrie's defence. Our catalogue is long,
Of heroes yet unsung, Who noble feats have done For independence.
The melting mother's moans, The aged father's groans, Have steel'd our arms. Ye British Whigs beware !
Your chains near formed are, In spite of Richmond's care To sound alarms.
Come join your hands to ours; No royal blocks, no tow'rs; God save us all! Thus in our country's cause,
And to support our laws; Our swords shall never pause At Freedom's call.
We'll fear no tyrant's nod, Nor stern oppression's rod, Till Time's no more. Thus Liberty, when driv'n
From Europe's states, is giv'n A safe retreat and hav'n, On our free shore.
O, Lord! thy gifts in store, We pray on Congress pour, To guide our States. May union bless our land,
While we, with heart and hand, Our mutual rights defend, God save our States!
God save the Thirteen States! Long watch the prosp'rous fates Over our States! Make us victorious;
Happy and glorious; No tyrants over us; God save our States!


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