Come Out Ye Continentalers

   This song was included in the Odes And Other Poems On National Subjects, by William McCarty, published in 1842. It comments on the drilling of the soldiers at Valley Forge by the Baron von Steuben. The British saw the effort to make regular soldiers out of the countryfolk a doomed, and ultimately unsuccessful effort.

Come out, ye continentalers! We're going for to go To fight the red-coat enemy, Who're plague-y "cute," you know, my boys, Who're plague-y cute, you know.
Now, shoulder whoop!- eyes right and dress - Front! - Davis, wipe your nose - Port whoop! - that's slick - now, carry whoop! Mike Jones, turn out your toes.
Fix bayonet! - That's your sort, my boys: Now, quick time! - march! - that's right; Just so we'd poke the enemy, If they were but in sight, my boys, If they were but in sight.
Halt! - shoulder whoop! - Stop laughing, Nick! - By platoons, wheel! - Right - dress! Hold up your muzzles on the left; No talking, more or less, my boys, No talking more or less.
Bill Sneezer, keep your canteen down, We're going for to travel; "Captain, I wants to halt a bit, My shoe is full of gravel, sir, My shoe is full of gravel."
Ho! - strike up music - For'ard march! Now point your toes, Bob Rogers; See! yonder come the red-coat men! - Let's fly upon 'em, soldiers, boys, Let's fly upon them soldiers.