Castle Island Song

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   In 1770, following the Boston Massacre, the verses transcribed below were circulated as A New Song. They were sung to the tune of a popular song, Derry Down.

   A broadside printing these verses claimed that it was being presented as "a new song much in vogue among friends of arbitrary power, and the soldiery at Catles Island, where it was composed, since the troops have evacuated the town of Boston."

You simple Bostonians, I'd have you beware, Of your Liberty Tree, I would have you take care,
For if that we chance to return to the town, Your houses and stores will come tumbling down. Derry down, down, hey derry down.
If you will not agree to Old England's laws, I fear that King Hancock will soon get the yaws
But he need not fear, for I swear we will, For the want of a doctor give him a hard pill.
A brave reinforcement, we soon thick to get; Then we will make you poor pumpkins to sweat:
Our drums they'll rattle, and then you will run To the devil himself, from the sight of a gun.
Our fleet and our army, they soon will arrive, Then to a bleak island, you shall not us drive.
In every house, you shall have three or four, And if that will not please you, you shall have half a score.
Derry down, down, hey derry down.


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