British Light Infantry

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   This song was written by a Loyalist to honor the British Light Infantry. It was first published in Rivington's Royal Gazette at New York City in 1778.

   The lyrics were set to the tune of a popular song of the time: Black Sloven.

Fox battle prepared in their country's just cause, Their king to avenge and support all his laws;
As fierce as a tiger, as swift as the roe, The British Light Infantry rush on their foe.
Though rebels unnumber'd oppose their career, Their hearts are undaunted ; they're strangers to fear;
No obstacles hinder; resistless they go, And death and destruction attend every blow.
`Cross the deep-gullied vale, up the mountain's steep side, Through the rough foaming river's impetuous tide,
O'er the fortified redoubt, close wedged in array, Regardless of safety they follow their prey.
The alarm of the drum and the cannon's loud roar; The musket's quick flash, but inflames them the more.
No dangers appal, for they fear no control, But glory and conquest inspires every soul.
Whenever their foe stands arrang'd in their sight, With ardor impatient they pant for the fight;
Rout, havoc, confusion they spread through the field, And rebellion and treason are forced to yield.


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