Adam's Fall: The Trip To Cambridge

   This song was, apparently, a parody of General George Washington's assumption of the leadership of the Continental Army at Cambridge, Massachusetts in June 1775. Its author, and what tune to which it was sung, are not known.

   The final words of this song: a patriot dinner refered to corn pudding and Yankee rum ~ which Frank Moore, in his 1855 book, Songs And Ballads Of The American Revolution noted would have been a "great promoter of rebellion and riot."

When Congress sent great Washington All clothed in power and breeches,
To meet old Britain's warlike sons And make some rebel speeches;
'Twas then he took his gloomy way Astride his dapple donkeys,
And travelled well, both night and day, Until he reach'd the Yankees
Away from camp, 'bout three miles off, From Lily he dismounted,
His sergeant brush'd his sun-burnt wig While he the specie counted.
All pricked up in full bag-wig; The shaking notwithstanding,
In leathers tight, oh ! glorious sight ! He reach'd the Yankee landing.
The women ran, the darkeys too; And all the bells, they tolled;
For Britain's sons, by Doodle doe, We're sure to be-consoled.
Old mother Hancock with a pan All crowded full of butter,
Unto the lovely Georgius ran, And added to the splutter.
Says she, "Our brindle has just calved, And John is wondrous happy.
He sent this present to you, dear, As you're the 'country's papa.'"
"You'll butter bread and bread butter, But do not butt your speeches.
"You'll butter bread and bread butter, But do not grease your breeches."
Full many a child went into camp, All dressed in homespun kersey,
To see the greatest rebel scamp That ever cross'd o'er Jersey.
The rebel clowns, oh! what a sight! Too awkward was their figure.
'Twas yonder stood a pious wight, And here and there a n----r.
Upon a stump, he placed (himself,) Great Washington did he,
And through the nose of lawyer Close Proclaimed great Liberty.
The patriot brave, the patriot fair, From fervor had grown thinner,
So off they march'd, with patriot zeal, And took a patriot dinner.