Lamentations {Over Boston}

   This song was written in sympathy for the problems that befell the city of Boston because of the restrictive acts imposed by the English Parliament.

By the Rivers of Watertown we sat down & wept, we wept, we wept, we wept
When we remember'd thee, O Boston, When we remember'd thee O Boston.
As for our friends, Lord God of Heaven Preserve them, defend them, deliver and restore them
Unto us, preserve them, defend them, deliver them unto us again.
For they that held them in Bondage Requir'd of them to take up Arms against their Brethren,
Forbid it Lord God, forbid it Lord God, Forbid that those who have sucked Bostonian Breasts should thirst for American Blood.
A voice was heard in Roxbury which echo'd thro' the Continent
Weeping, weeping, weeping for Boston.
Weeping & weeping for Boston because of their danger,
Weeping for Boston because of their danger.
Is Boston my dear town, is it my native place, For since their Calamity I do earnestly remember it
Still I do earnestly, I do earnestly, I do earnestly remember it still.
If I forget thee, if I forget thee, yea if I do not remember thee, Then let my numbers cease to flow,
Then be my Muse unkind, Then let my tongue forget to move & ever be confined.
Let horrid jargon split the air & rise my nerves assunder,
Let hateful discord greet my ear as terrible as Thunder.
Let harmony be banish'd and Consonance depart,
Let dissonance erect her throne and reign within my heart.