God Save The King

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   The British Colonies, until their break with the mother country in 1776, used the same song for their national anthem as Great Britain herself. That song was known as God Save The King during times when the British Empire was ruled by a king. When, as today, there was a queen reigning over Great Britain, the song was, variously, known by the title, God Save The Queen.

   Although the song ceased to serve as the Colonies' national anthem in 1776, it remained popular and was given new lyrics. It would take the form of God Bless America in later years.

   One variation that was quite popular is known as the Dutch Song because it was composed by a Dutch woman residing in the Hague, in the Netherlands. Oscar Brand, in order to copyright the song in his book, Songs Of '76, changed the title of that variation to God Save Our States.

God Save America Free from despotic sway 'Till time shall end
Hushed be the din of arms, And to fierce war's alarms;
Show in all its charms Heaven born peace.
God save great Washington, Fair freedom's warlike son Long to command.
May every enemy, Far from his presence flee, And many grim tyrant Fall by his hand.
Thy name Montgomery, Still in each heart shall be Prais'd in each breast.
Tho' on the fatal plain Thou most untimely slain, Yet shall thy virtue's gain Rescue from death.
Last in our song shall be Guardian of liberty Louis the king,
Terrible god of war Plac'd in victorious carr Of fame and of Navarre, God Save The King.


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