The Music Of The 1770s:
     A Directory

   The following is a list of some of the songs which were popular prior to and during the American Revolutionary War period. It is, by no means, a comprehensive list; rather, it is intended to simply give you some example of the music our ancestors listened to during the 1770s. Quite a number of the songs included in this list were written during the War and reflect the Americans' patriotic ferver.

   The songs are presented in greater detail on the linked pages. Midi files are included on certain of the pages. Click on the icon to be taken to the linked page.

  A Ballad ~ 1776

  Adams And Liberty

  Adam's Fall: The Trip To Cambridge

  The Affair At Newport

  Affair Of Honor

  An American Frigate ~ Paul Jones

  American Taxation

  An Appeal

  Anthony Wayne

  Arnold Is As Brave A Man

  The Ballad Of Jane McCrea

  Banks Of The Dee

  The Battle Of The Kegs

  Battle Of Trenton

  The Boston Massacre

  Brave Paulding And The Spy

  Breed's Hill ~ The Burning Of Charlestown

  British Light Infantry

  Bunker Hill (or The American Hero)

  Burgoyne's Overthrow

  Burrowing Yankees

  Castle Island Song



  Come Out, Ye Continentalers

  The Congress

  Cornwallis Burgoyned

  The Cornwallis Country Dance

  The Cow Chace

  Derry Down

  Descent On Middlesex

  Dutch Song

  The Epilogue

  Epistel To The Troops In Boston

  The Etiquette

  A Fable

  A Fragment

  The Fate Of John Burgoyne

  Fish And Tea

  Follow Washington

  Free America

  Gage's Proclamation

  The Gamester

  General Sullivan's Song

  The Gentle Shepherd

  George The Third's Soliloquy

  Girls And Boys Come Out To Play

  God Save The King

  Granny Wales

  Green Sleeves

  The Hay-Makers Dance

  The Heads

  Hearts Of Oak


  India Tea

  In Freedom We're Born

  The Irishman's Epistle

  The Jerseys

  King's Mountain


  The Letter

  Let Tyrants Shake

  Liberty's Call

  The Liberty Song

  The Liberty Tree

  Lord North's Recantation

  Loyal York

  Maggie Lawder

  Maryland Resolves

  The Massachusetts Liberty Song

  A Military Song

  My Days Have Been So Wondrous Free

  Nathan Hale

  The Negroes Farewell To America

  A New Ballad

  A New Song

  New Year's Day 1781

  Old England

  Old King Cole

  The Old Man's Song

  The Old Soldiers Of The King

  On Gen. Wayne's Taking Stoney Point

  On Independence

  On Disbanding The Army

  Our Women

  The Parody

  The Pennsylvania Song

  A Prayer

  The Present Age

  The Proclamation

  The Prophetic Egg

  The Rebels

  The Recess

  The Repeal

  The Revolutionary Alphabet

  Rivington's Reflections

  Sally In Our Alley

  Saratoga Song

  Sergeant Champe

  Siege Of Savannah

  Sir Harry's Invitation

  The Soldier At Home

  Soldier's Fortune

  A Song ~ 1776

  A Song ~ 1779

  A Song About Charleston

  Song Of The Heads

  The Song Of The Vermonters

  Sullivan's Island

  The Taxed Tea

  The Tea Party

  Thanksgiving Hymn

  The Times

  A Toast To Washington

  To Britain

  To Our Ladies

  To The Commons

  To The Traitor Arnold

  To The Officers And Troops At Boston

  To Washington

  Unhappy Times Of Late

  A Venison Dinner At Mr. Bunyan's

  The Vicar Of Bray

  Virginia Banishing Tea

  Volunteer Boys

  The War Song

  The World Turned Upside Down

  Yankee Doodle

  Yankee Doodle's Expedition

  The Yankee Privateer

  Ye Sons Of North Britain