Burrowing Yankees

  Burrowing Yankees appeared in the Halifax Journal shortly after the evacuation of Boston. This is one of the few songs included in this collection which takes the British viewpoint. It is possible that it was written by a Tory or Loyalist, many of whom went with the British troops to Nova Scotia in 1776.

Ye Yankees who, mole-like still throw up the earth, And like them, to your follies are blind from your birth;
Attempt not to hold British troops at defiance, True Britons, with whom you pretend an alliance.
Mistake not; such blood ne'er run in your veins, 'Tis no more than the dregs, the lees, or the drains:
Ye affect to talk big of your hourly attacks; Come on! And I'll warrant, we'll soon see your backs.
Such threats of bravadoes serve only to warm The true British hearts, you ne're can alarm;
The Lion once rous'd, will strike such a terror, Shall show you, poor folks, your presumption and error.
And the time will soon come when your whole rebel race Will be drove from the lands, nor dare show your face:
Here's a health to great George, may he fully determine, To root from the earth all such insolent vermin.