A Military Song

   This song was more completely titled: A Military Song, By The Army, On General Washington's Victorious Entry Into The Town Of Boston.

   A Military Song was written as part of Hugh Henry Brackenridge's drama, Bunker's Hill.

   Some of its verses are as follows:

Sons of valour, taste the glories, Of Celestial Liberty,
Sing a Triumph o'er the Tories, Let the pulse of joy bear high.
Heaven this day hath foil'd the many Fallacies of George their king,
Let the echo reach Britan'y, Bid her mountain summits ring.
See yon Navy swell the bosom, Of the late enraged sea,
Where e'er they go we shall oppose them, Sons of valour must be free.
Should they touch at fair Rhode-Island, There to combat with the brave,
Driven, from each hill, and high-land, They shall plough the purple wave.
To Carolina or to Georg'y, Should they next advance their fame,
This land of heroes shall disgorge the Sons of tyranny and shame.
Like Satan banished from Heaven, Never see the smiling shore,
From this land so happy, driven, Never stain its bosom more.
War, fierce war, shall break their forces; Nerves of Tory men shall fail,
Seeing Howe, with alter'd courses, Bending to the Western gale.
Thus from every bay of ocean Flying back with sails unfurl'd,
Toss'd with ever-troubled motion, They shall quit this smiling world.