The Domestic Art Of Spinning

Niddy Noddy     Exhibit 1

     The Niddy Noddy was essentially a skein winder which was hand-held and portable. The user would grasp the niddy noddy by the bar in the center, attach the end of the thread/yarn to be wound and measured to the end of one of the crosspieces. And then with a movement similar to a baton twirler, twist and turn the niddy noddy continuously while wrapping the material around opposing crosspiece ends.
     This piece is finely decorated, not only with lathe turning, but also with hand carving. The image below shows the detail given to the ends of the central bar. Note also the two metal discs which are set in the carved opening. The discs are free to move and create a pleasant jingling sound when the niddy noddy is in use. The piece also retains its original red paint over most of its surface.