The Written And Printed Word

Greeting Card ~ Valentines

1890s - 1920s

     Apart from Christmas, Valentines Day is probably the holiday on which the greatest number of greeting cards are exchanged. While most valentine cards bear the image of a heart, many, including some of those exhibited here, show 'Cupid' the cherubic god of love and/or Cupid's bow and arrows. Also notice that the predominant colors used on valentines has traditionally been red and white.

     The card exhibited below is one constructed to fold open, with the segment of the boy holding the egg-shaped container of candy being extended forward.


     The next two cards exhibited below are what are known as honeycomb foldout greeting cards. In each card, a portion of the image of the boat in which the two children are riding, expands outward with red 'honeycomb' paper to give a three dimensional touch to the cards.