The Written And Printed Word

Greeting Card ~ New Years

1890s - 1920s

      Greeting cards to celebrate New Year tended to combine that holiday with Christmas. The cards exhibited on this page were created specifically to celebrate the New Year holiday, although many of them include 'Christmas' oriented scenery and designs. Also note that nowadays we say New Years, but these early cards kept the singular spelling of the word, or utilized the phrase 'New Year's Greetings'.
      The card at the bottom of this page bears a tiny calendar for the upcoming year.
     Also, notice the swastika that appears on one New Year's card; it had nothing to do with the German Third Reich. The card was produced in the year 1908, and the swastika was simply borrowed from the ancient Hindu symbol for peace ~ it actually at one time represented the sentiment of 'well-being', and was derived from the Sanskrit words: su (meaning 'good') and asti (meaning 'being'), combined with the diminutive suffix: ka.