The Written And Printed Word


{Width: 28"; Height: 24"}

     This indenture, dated 1638, is written on parchment ~ tanned and stretched calfskin. Indentures are deeds between two or more parties (i.e. each party's segment being 'indented').
     Note the three clay seals attached by slender pieces of parchment to the bottom edge of the deed. They are all intact, implying that whatever was conveyed by the instrument, was not later conveyed to someone else ~ if such had been the case, the seals would have been supposed to have been broken and removed ~ and the new parties' seals attached.
     The text of this indenture begins: "The Indenture made the seventeenth day of May ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Anno Dm 1638 And in ffourteenth yeare of the Raigne our Dowaigur Lord Charles by the grace of God King of England Scotland Ffrance & Ireland Defender of the faith &c Betwene Sidenham [undecipherable] Cittizen [undecipherable] of London [undecipherable] Braddorf Cittizen [undecipherable] of London and William Burgid of London Gentleman of thour kause and Thomas Hall [undecipherable] heirs of William Hall of Durham in the county of [undecipherable] yeoman and the said William Hall of [undecipherable] Witnesseth that a [undecipherable] for & in consid---- of Two shillings of lawfull money of England to the said Sidenham [undecipherable] and ffuanrid Braddorf in hand at or befour . . . . . . . . . Have granted bargained [undecipherable] & confirmed and by [undecipherable] for them and theyr heirs."