The Written And Printed Word


Paul Aler, 1791
{2 Volumes ~ Each: Width: 5-1/8"; Height: 7-7/8"; Thickness: 1-1/2"}

     The complete title for this book is: GRADUS AD PARNASSUM, sive Bibliotheca Musarum,vel Novus Synonymorum, Epithetorum, Phrasium Poeticarum, Ac Versnum THESAURUS. The title is translated as A Step To Parnassus, with the word 'gradus' suggesting a gradual journey of knowledge. It was sometimes given to guides or books of instruction. The author, a Jesuit schoolmaster, Paul Aler, was born in 1656 and died in 1727.
      This edition was printed at Lugduni i.e. Lyon, France: Apud J.B. Delamolliere.
     In the images below, notice the small bone bead which is attached to the back cover of the first volume. A short loop of rawhide 'string' would have been attached to the front cover. It would have been looped over the bead in order to keep the book closed.