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Marci Fabii Quinctiliani, 1784
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     The complete title for this book is: Marci Fabri Quinctiliani OPERA ad Optimas Editiones Collata praemittitur notitia literaria Studiis Societatis Bipontinae
     The author, Marci Fabii Quinctiliani, variously, Marcus Fabius Quintilianus was a Roman rhetorician from Calahorra, Hispania who lived ca 35 AD and 100 AD. His father sent him to study rhetoric in Rome during the reign of Nero. He later returned to Spain and started a school of rhetoric, counting Pliny the Younger and Tacitus among his students. He was made a consul by the Emperor Vespasian.
     This Editio Accurata was published at Biponti: ex Typographia Societatis. There were four volumes to this edition, but I possess only one of them.