The Written And Printed Word


J. Debrett, (Successor to Mr. Almon), 1783
{Width: 5-1/4"; Height: 8-3/8"; Thickness: 1-3/8"}

     The complete title for this book is: The Parliamentary Register; or HISTORY OF THE PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS; Containing an account of The most interesting SPEECHES and MOTIONS; accurate Copies of the most remarkable LETTERS and PAPERS; of the most material EVIDENCE, PETITIONS, &c. laid before and offered to the HOUSE, During the Third Session of the Fifteenth Parliament of Great Britain. Vol. X.
     The Parliamentary Register covered the period from 1774 to 1780. Volume X contains entries for the period from 24 September 1799 to 28 February 1799. This edition was published at London: Printed for J. Debrett, (Successor to Mr. Almon) opposite Burlington-House, Piccadilly.