The Written And Printed Word


published by Johann David Schepern and Christian Friedrich Schwan, 1765 ~ 1769
{Width: 3-1/4"; Height: 6-1/8"; Thickness: 1-7/8" - 1-1/2"}

     The complete title of this set of books is: NEUE AUSZUGE aus den besten auslandischen Wochen=und Monatschristen
      The first two volumes of this set (for the years 1765 and 1766) were published by Joh. Dav. Schepern at Frankfurt am Mann. The remaining three volumes of this set (for the years 1767, 1768 and 1769) were published by Christian Friedrich Schwan at Frankfurt und Mannheim.
      The title of this set translates as: The New Abstract of the Best Foreign Weekly & Monthly Review. The set is essentially the 18th Century's form of a magazine. It covered the subjects of science and technology, natural history, political science, economics and literature.


      Notice the marbelized end papers (which are included in each of the five volumes) and also the marbelization on the page edges, as shown in the images below.