The Written And Printed Word


Thomas Stackhouse, 1763
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     The complete title of this book is: THE LIFE OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST. With the Lives of the APOSTLES and EVANGELISTS. Containing, I. The Genealogy of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, his Conception, Birth, Preservation, Life, Doctrines, Miracles, Death, Resurection, and Ascension. II. Of the Birth, Life, Imprisonment, and Death of the Messiah's great Fore-runner, John the Baptist. III. The Calling of the Twelve Apostles to the Ministry of the Holy Jesus, and of their Behaviour both before and after his Sufferings for the Redemption of Mankind. IV. Of their Travels and most remarkable Transactions after Christ's Ascension, their Doctrines, and Regulations for the Government of the Church. By the Rev. Thomas Stackhouse, A.M. Late Vicar of Beenham in Berkshire, and Author of the History of the Bible To which are added, The LAMENTATIONS of MARY MAGDELENE, on missing the Body of our Lord out of the Sepulchre: Together with Her EXULTATION on the Angel's appearing and telling her, He was risen from the Dead.
      The book was published at Belfast and Printed for William Stevenson, and sold at his Shop in London-Derry. The author, the Reverend Thomas Stackhouse, was born in 1677 at Witton-le-Wear, England. He attended St. John's College at Cambridge, and took the position of headmster of Hexham grammar school between 1701 and 1704. He was ordained a priest at London in 1704, and became the curate of Shepperton, Middlesex before being named the minister of the English Church at Amsterdam in 1713. In 1733 Stackhouse was named Vicar of Beenham. He authored a number of volumes, including this Life of Jesus Christ, which was first published posthumously in 1754. Thomas Stackhouse died at Beenham on 11 October 1752.
      Notice the marbeled cardboard cover. The partial leather over the spine might be a later attempt to repair it, rather than original to the book.