The Written And Printed Word


Johann Arndt, 1739
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     This volume is comprised of four books titled Wahren Christenthum (i.e.True Christianity), and although the main title page is missing, each section has its own title page.
     The book was printed at Frankfurt am Mann by Reinhard Eustachius Moller. The author, Johann Arndt (27 December 1555 - 11 May 1621), was a German Lutheran theologian. He published his most famous book, Wahres Christenthum in two editions: 1605 (book 1) and 1606-1610 (books 1-4). In 1612 Arndt's second most famous book, Paradiesgartlein aller christlichen Tugenden was published. Then, in 1734 an edition of the collected works of Arndt was published at Leipzig. I have been unable to determine if this edition is the second of the collected works.