The Written And Printed Word


W. Sewel, 1735
{Width: 8"; Height: 10-1/8"; Thickness: 3-1/4"}

     The complete title of this work is: A LARGE DICTIONARY English and Dutch, in two parts: Wherein each Language is set forth in its proper form; the various significations of the Words being exactly noted, and abundance of choice Phrases and Proverbs intermixt. To which is added a GRAMMAR, for both Languages. The First Part. The third Edition upon a Copy corrected and enlarged with several Words and Phrases by the Author's own hand before he dyed. GROOT WOORDENBOEK der Engelache en Nederduytsche Taalen; Nevens eene SPAAKKONST derzelver. Door W. Sewel. Eerste Deel. De derde Drak volgens des Aucteurs eigen handschrift verbetert en met een groot getal Woorden en Spreekwyzen vermeerdert.
      This third edition, by the author, W. Sewel (i.e. Willem Sewel), was printed at Amsterdam; by Jacob ter Beek, Boekverkooper bezyden de Beurs.
     The images below are reproduced from the first half of the book, which presents English words and their Dutch translations.

     The images below are reproduced from the second half of the book, which presents Dutch words and their English translations.