The Written And Printed Word


The Catholic Church, 1709
{Width: 4-1/2"; Height: 6"; Thickness: 1-1/2"}

     The complete title to this work is: CATECHISMUS EX DECRETO Sacrosanti Concilii Tridentini. Iussu Pij V. Pontificus Maximi editus. In Capita, & sectiones distinctus, varijsque SS, Patrum Sententijs, & vtriuaque tum noui, tum veteris Testamenti auctoritatibus munitus, & omni cura emendatus. Cui etiam duo Indices adiecti, Alter earum rerum, qua ad Euangelia Dominicalia, & aliquot Festorum accommoderi possunt. Alter earum, quae in toto opere continentur.
      This edition was published by Antonij Remondini (variously, Giovanni Antonio Remondini) at Bassani (variously, Bassano), Italy. Remondini (ca 1634-1711) was the foremost publisher at Bassano in his day. The Remondini family had been pre-eminent printers through the 17th to 19th Centuries.
      This book, like one or two others in my collection, has a calf skin cover. The edges of the covers extend a little longer than the pages, so that they can be bent to protect the page edges. This can be seen in the photo directly below.

     Various chapters and the sacraments were illustrated with woodcuts, as shown below.