The Written And Printed Word


Claude Flevry, 1686
{Width: 3-3/4"; Height: 6-1/2"; Thickness: 1"}

     The complete title to this work is: TRAITE DU CHOIX ET DE LA ME'THODE DES ETUDES I'ar Me Claude Flevry, pretre abbe du Loc-dieu, cy devant precepteur de Messeigneurs les princes de Conty.
      The book was printed in Paris: Chez Pierre Aubouin, Pierre Emery et Charles Clousier. Quay des Augustins, pres l'Hotel de Luynes, a l'Ecu de France, & a la Croix dor. Avec Privilege Du Roi.
     This book is unique in my collection. It is a book safe which would have possibly been made around the time that it was published as a book. The bottom four photos reveal how the person who converted this book into a safe used period 'marbelized' paper to line the safe hole. The last photo shows how convincing the book was/is at being simply a book. Until you actually open the book, and move past the loose pages left at the beginning of the book, you have no reason to assume that this is anything other than a normal book.