The Written And Printed Word


Andreas Morellius Helvetus, 1683
{Width: 4-7/8"; Height: 7-3/8"; Thickness: 3/4"}

     The complete title to this work is: SPECIMEN UNIVERSAE REI NUMMARIAE ANTIQUAE, Quod Literatorum Reipublicae proponit. The book was published at Paris (Parisiis) by Thomam Moette via vulgo dicta de la Bouclerie, juxta Pontem Sancti Michaelis.
      This volume was a first edition. It's title might be translated as: An Essay towards an universal History of ancient Coynes and Medails. The author, Andreas Morellius (Andrew Morel) was born at Bern, Switzerland in 1646. Before his death in 1703, Morellius became interested in coins and traveled throughout Europe collecting the same. That interest and collection led to the creation of this volume in 1683. In 1695 he published a second edition.