The Written And Printed Word

POLYBII LYCORTAE F. Megalopolotani HISTORIARUM QUAE SUPERSUNT, Tomus Secundus, Interprete Isaaco Casaubono cum utriusque Casauboni & aliorum Notis Accurante Jacobo Gronovio.
{Commentaries on Polybius by Isaac Casaubon}

Isaaco Casaubono, 1670
{Width: 4-1/2"; Height: 8"; Thickness: 2"}

     This volume was printed in Greek and Latin; the title is in Greek. The title translates as: The Commentaries Of Polybius. The volume exhibited here is Volume Two of a three-volume set. It was printed and published in Amsterdam by Johannis Janssonii (of Waesberge) and Johannis van Someren in the year 1670.
      Polybius was a witness to the Siege of Carthage (147-146 B.C.) and a tutor of Scipio Aemilianus.


     The two images below show how the text is presented on each page in Latin in the innermost column and in Greek in the outermost.