The Written And Printed Word


Franciscus Junius, 1638
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     The entire title of this book is as follows: THE PAINTING OF THE ANCIENTS, in three Bookes: Declaring by Historicall Observations and Examples, The Beginning, Progresse, and Consummation of that most Noble ART. And how those ancient ARTIFICERS attained to their still so much admired Excellencie. Written first in Latine by Franciscus Junius, F.F. And now by Him Englished, with some Additions and Alterations.
     Franciscus Junius the Younger (variously Francois du Jon) published this work in 1637 under the title of De Pictura Veterum for his patron, Thomas Howard, the Earl of Arundel. In the following year, Junius published this Englished version for the Earl's wife, The Countess of Arundel. This 1638 edition was printed in London by Richard Hodgkinsonne.
     As can be seen in the image above, and in the next one below, the book has a beautifully embossed black cover tinted slightly with greenish-blue. It is one of the jewels in my collection for the cover alone.

     The image below shows the first page of the text on the right side, and a page with "Errata" on the left side. Such a page confirms the book to be from the First Edition, because subsequent editions would have the corrections made before being printed. An "Errata" page is prepared at the last minute, after the book has been printed, and inserted before being bound.