The Written And Printed Word


Christoffel Froschover, 1525~1529
{Width: 8-1/8"; Height: 12-1/4"; Thickness: 4-1/4"}

     Also known variously as the Froschover Bible, or the Zurich Bible, this volume was published in three sections, in 1525, 1527 and 1529. This was the first publication of the complete Bible according to the translation by Martin Luther.
     Froschover printed four individual volumes in 1525 (published with the date of 1527) in the first edition. The second edition contained the first three volumes collected together in one book. The third edition (in which this book was printed) contained all four volumes together in one book. Each individual volume bears its own date.
     The images below show the 'frontispiece' page bearing the date of 1525.


     The images below show the 'frontispiece' page bearing the date of 1529. Note the images of frogs climbing up the tree in the woodcut. In western Europe during the Sixteenth Century, frogs symbolized transformation.


     Certain, but not all, of the initial letters are decorated. The "N" shown in the image below is an example of one of these.


     Below are examples of the woodcuts which are included in this volume. The initial letters measure approximately 1-1/2" square, while the individual illustrations measure approximately 3" square. Notice how the people from the ancient Biblical period are depicted wearing the dress of the contemporary Renaissance period. Also notice the landscape backgrounds, which are more like European landscapes rather than Middle Eastern.