The Written And Printed Word


Bartolomeo de' Zanni, 1502
{Width: 8"; Height: 12"; Thickness: 2-5/8"}

     This book, DECHE DI TITO LIVIO VULGARE HISTORIATE by Bartolomeo de' Zanni, is the oldest in my collection, dating to 1502. In fact, according to documentation by Mortimer, this particular volume was printed by Bartolomeo de' Zanni on 16 September 1502 at Venice, Italy. De' Zanni made an error when he printed this volume. He missigned quarto BI as A, and corrected the error by stamping over it. Two other "corrected" copies are known to exist (one being owned by Harvard University).
     The title translates as: The Life Of Titus Livius.
     This copy, as can be seen from the photo above, is not in perfect shape. There are twenty-three pages missing at the very beginning of the volume. And the cover is is disrepair. The pages which are extant are in excellent condition despite being over five hundred years old. Four hundred and seven of the original four hundred and thirty two woodcuts are included in this copy.
     The images below show hand writing on the wooden cover. It was probably written at some time after the leather covering deteriorated away.


     Following are various images from the pages of the volume.

     Below is page from the book, showing two woodcuts. In the woodcut on the bottom, left can be seen the letter "F". The woodcuts which were included in this volume were borrowed from other works. In this case, the letter "F" denotes woodcuts which were originally produced for inclusion in the Malermi Bible of 1493, printed by Giovanni Rosso for Luc' Antonio Giunta.

     Below are two images showing the error which makes this volume, along with a few others, unique.