Gallery 7 ~
   Pre~Historic Artifacts


   Within this gallery, you will find artifacts from the Indian occupation of Bedford County. They come from the Collection of Larry D. Smith. By clicking on the thumbnail images, you can access additional pages which provide some information about the item(s), their history, and their uses.

   My dad gave me an Indian arrowhead when I was about seven or eight years old. I kept it over the years, and a couple years ago I found an offering of twenty arrowheads on eBay by a collector from Bedford County, and I made the purchase. Later I saw the stone tools being offered on eBay, also with provenances from Bedford County, so I purchased those. I am not really interested in items just because they are "Indian", but rather because they were used by Indians who sojourned in this region of Pennsylvania.

IndianAx01a.jpg IndianTool01a.jpg IndianTool02b.jpg IndianArrow01a.jpg IndianArrow02a.jpg
IndianArrow03a.jpg IndianArrow04a.jpg IndianArrow05a.jpg IndianArrow06a.jpg IndianArrow07a.jpg
IndianArrow08a.jpg IndianArrow09a.jpg IndianArrow10a.jpg IndianArrow11a.jpg IndianArrow12a.jpg
IndianArrow13a.jpg IndianArrow14a.jpg IndianArrow15a.jpg IndianArrow16a.jpg IndianArrow17a.jpg
IndianArrow18a.jpg IndianArrow19a.jpg IndianArrow20a.jpg IndianArrow21a.jpg IndianArrow22a.jpg
IndianArrow23a.jpg IndianArrow24a.jpg IndianArrow25a.jpg IndianArrow26a.jpg IndianArrow27a.jpg
IndianArrow28a.jpg IndianArrow29a.jpg IndianArrow30a.jpg IndianPestle01a.jpg