Gallery 5 ~
   Furniture & Household Furnishings


   Within this gallery, you will find pieces of furniture which I use in my home. They come from the Collection of Larry D. Smith. By clicking on the thumbnail images, you can access additional pages which provide some information about the item(s), their history, and their uses.

   The first ladderback chair exhibited in this gallery is my favorite piece of antique furniture. The overall scale of the chair is small, but it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. A second favorite piece would be the black traveling trunk. It was a Christmas gift from my aunt Ann Noffsker.

Trunk01a.jpg Doughtray01a.jpg Chair01a.jpg Chair02a.jpg Chair03a.jpg
Table01a.jpg Chair04a.jpg Chair05a.jpg Trunk02a.jpg Paddle01a.jpg
Chair06a.jpg Chair07a.jpg Chair08a.jpg Trunk03a.jpg Bed01.jpg
Chair09a.jpg Trunk04a.jpg