Gallery 4 ~
   Kitchen Implements


   Within this gallery, you will find items used in the kitchen. They come from the Collection of Larry D. Smith. By clicking on the thumbnail images, you can access additional pages which provide some information about the item(s), their history, and their uses.

   As will be noticed, I collect mostly woodenware. The patina, that is the mellow glow that wood takes on as it ages, is what I find most interesting about antique woodenware. Glass and china simply does not take on a rich patina as it ages. I only collect glassware or china if it is a unique piece, such as the squat wine bottle.

Mortar01b.jpg Mortar02a.jpg Mortar03a.jpg Mortar04a.jpg Mortar05a.jpg Mortar06a.jpg Mortar07a.jpg
Mortar08a.jpg Bowl01a.jpg Bowl02b.jpg Bowl03a.jpg Bowl04a.jpg Bowl05a.jpg Bowl06a.jpg
Bottle01a.jpg Bottle02a.jpg Buttermold01a.jpg Buttermold02a.jpg Buttermold03a.jpg Buttermold04a.jpg Buttermold05a.jpg
RollingPin01a.jpg RollingPin02a.jpg RollingPin03a.jpg RollingPin04a.jpg RollingPin05a.jpg RollingPin06a.jpg RollingPin07a.jpg
Fork01a.jpg Ladle01a.jpg ButterPaddle01a.jpg ButterPaddle02a.jpg ButterPaddle03a.jpg ButterPaddle04a.jpg ButterPaddle05a.jpg
ButterPaddle06a.jpg ButterPaddle07a.jpg ButterPaddle08a.jpg ButterPaddle09a.jpg ButterSpade01a.jpg ButterSpade02a.jpg ButterSpade03a.jpg
Paddle02a.jpg Paddle03a.jpg Churn01a.jpg Churn02a.jpg Stilyard01a.jpg Crock01a.jpg Crock02a.jpg
Crock03a.jpg Crock04a.jpg Crock05a.jpg Crock06a.jpg Crock07a.jpg Crock08a.jpg Crock09a.jpg
Crock10a.jpg Crock11a.jpg Masher01a.jpg Masher02a.jpg Masher03a.jpg Masher04a.jpg Masher05a.jpg
Masher06a.jpg Masher07a.jpg Masher08a.jpg Masher09a.jpg Masher10a.jpg Masher11a.jpg Masher12a.jpg
Masher13a.jpg Masher14a.jpg Masher15a.jpg Masher16a.jpg Masher17a.jpg Masher18a.jpg Masher19a.jpg
Plunger01a.jpg Plunger02a.jpg Plunger03a.jpg Plunger04a.jpg Strainer01a.jpg Strainer02a.jpg Strainer03a.jpg
Strainer04a.jpg Strainer05a.jpg Mug01a.jpg Plate01a.jpg Spoon01a.jpg Spoon02a.jpg Spoon03a.jpg
Spoon04a.jpg Spoon05a.jpg Spoon06a.jpg Spoon07a.jpg Spoon08a.jpg Spoon09a.jpg Spoon10a.jpg
Spoon11a.jpg Spoon12a.jpg Spoon13a.jpg Spoon14a.jpg Spoon15a.jpg Spoon16a.jpg Spoon17a.jpg
Spoon18a.jpg Spoon19a.jpg Spoon20a.jpg StrainerSpoon01a.jpg DinnerHorn01a.jpg Spatula01a.jpg Spatula02a.jpg
Spatula03a.jpg Scoop01a.jpg Scoop02a.jpg Demijohn01a.jpg Demijohn02a.jpg Demijohn03a.jpg Bowl07a.jpg
Bowl08a.jpg Bowl09a.jpg Slicer01a.jpg Slicer02a.jpg Grinder01a.jpg Ladle02a.jpg Goblet01a.jpg
Goblet02a.jpg Kettle01a.jpg Measure01a.jpg Measure02a.jpg Pestle01a.jpg Prosphora01.jpg Cutter01a.jpg