{Descended from Thomas Muirhead of Ulster}

  Susan Jane Moorhead was born on 08 February 1927 at Tavares, in Lake County, Florida.(7.49) She was a daughter of Ira Vincent Moorhead and Charlotte Adda Strong.

  Susan tells the story of how her older brother, Truman, was sent to get a midwife when she was about to be born. He was driving his Model-T touring car and it was foggy. He was beginning to cross the railroad tracks just as he caught sight of a train bearing down on him. He put both feet on all the pedals, getting the car stopped just in time.

  Her father always called Susan his ‘tree top baby’ in reference to the lullaby, “Rock a Bye Baby on the tree top”. When Susan Moorhead-Nunes compiled her family tree information into a book, she decided to title it Tree Top Baby.