1909 ~ 1985
{Descended from 1685 Covenanter immigrant, John Muirhead (1659-1725) and Rebecca Bayless.}
Aerial photographer.

  William Shirley Karr was born on 04 August 1909 in DeWitt County, Illinois, a son of Frank Karr and Dottie Rose Muirheid.(7.47)

  William served in the US Army Air Corps in the 1930s. He trained as an aerial photographer. After his service, William obtained employment with the Abrams Aerial Survey Corp., at Lansing, Michigan. He eventually worked his way up to Director in that company before co-organizing the Abrams Instrument Corp., in 1940 with Talbert “Ted” Abrams, the ‘father of aerial photography.’

  In addition to many other achievements, William Shirley Karr co-invented the Folding Pocket Stereoscope and a method for making mosaic maps. He died on 20 August 1985.